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Hunger doesn't take a summer break 

The majority of families in Oklahoma rely on free-and-reduced school lunch programs to help feed their children throughout the school year. As summer approaches, parents like Katelyn are put under financial stress to feed their little ones. Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma directly supports struggling families by helping them to feed their children through the summer months.


“My family is big, but if I had one wish for my family, it would be that we all have food to eat.” 
- Zoe, daughter of Tiffany and Mikel

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“It’s a blessing” 

Rickey Galiando is a father of five who relies on programs like Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma to provide for his family. According to Rickey, any help with groceries puts an ease on the family budget. Our summer feeding program helps the Galiando kids eat nutrient-dense meals all summer long. 



With summer break, families will be under more pressure financially to feed their children. Food Bank’s Summer Meals Program helps families with the burden. 

Current economic circumstances, such as supply chain issues and grocery bill inflation are putting lower-income families in a difficult position. In combination with the loss of free-and-reduced lunches and SNAP cuts, families are under intense financial stress to feed their children. 


Cost of eggs

Up 70%

US News and World Report 


Cost of bread

Up 22%

Vox News


Cost of butter

Up 21%

USDA Economic Research 

Real people need real help 

Our own neighbors are spending their entire day worrying about how they will provide the next meal for their family. Our resources help our community by easing that stress and providing dignified meals to people who need them. 

“The first time I came to the pantry, it made me feel like I had a shoulder to lean on. We no longer have to make a choice between rent or food,”  
- Rickey Galiando, pantry guest 

How does my donation help? 

Your donation helps bridge the gap for families struggling during these challenging economic times. We are on a mission to cut hunger rates for children in our neighborhood by providing lunches during summer months. Food bank leverages our relationships in the community to source nutrient-rich and dignified meals.  
Now is the time to support your community. 

Who do we serve?

Children struggling with hunger 

During the school year, 84% of kids in Oklahoma depend on free-and-reduced lunches. 1 in 5 kids in Oklahoma has limited access to nutrient-dense meals outside of school. The USDA has projected that eastern Oklahoma will become the nation's most food-insecure area for kids. Food Bank’s summer meals program helps bridge this gap. 

Families in need 


More than 50% of families who access food pantries are fully employed. Our services provide much-needed relief to parents struggling to choose between keeping the lights on and putting food on the table. 

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