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SNAP cuts and the hunger cliff 

The US food assistance program increased benefits for families in need during the COVID-19 emergency. Last month, the benefits ended abruptly. Most families did not have time to prepare, and now need community-driven programs like Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma to bridge the gap of the impending hunger cliff.


Help bring smiles to individuals with food insecurities by donating today.   


We need to respond to this immediate need for families in our community. The Food Bank is responding to this emergency and has provided our partner agencies with: 2,500 emergency meal boxes.

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Families are suffering 

The average family is seeing an average reduction of $223 a month to the benefits relied on to feed their children, while seniors are averaging a monthly reduction of $168. 



As the school year comes to a close, families will be under more pressure financially to feed their children. Food Bank’s Summer Meals Program helps families with the burden.

Current economic circumstances, such as supply chain issues and grocery bill inflation in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, are putting lower-income families in a difficult position. 


Cost of eggs

Up 70%

US News and World Report 


Cost of bread

Up 22%

Vox News


Cost of butter

Up 21%

USDA Economic Research 

Food costs are rising 

Because of our community resources and connections, Food Bank can source nutrient-dense meals and fresh produce for a fraction of what it would cost in a grocery store. We are able to stretch each dollar further. 

“When you have to choose between feeding your family and paying a credit card bill, you have to choose food,”


- Gina Melton, 62

Source: The Guardian 

How does my donation help? 

Your donation helps bridge the gap for families struggling during these challenging economic times. During this crisis, all donations are being 100% matched by The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma. 

Food bank leverages our relationships in the community to source nutrient-rich and dignified meals.


Now is the time to support your community. 

Who we serve

Families in need 


Nearly 1 in 6 Oklahomans struggle daily with food insecurity. Our services provide much-needed relief to parents struggling to choose between keeping the lights on and putting food on the table. 

Children struggling with hunger 

During the school year, 84% of kids in Oklahoma depend on free-and-reduced lunches. One in 4 kids in Oklahoma has limited access to nutrient-dense meals outside of school. The USDA has projected that eastern Oklahoma will become the nation's most food-insecure area for kids. Food Bank’s summer meals program helps bridge this gap. 


Food insecurity is a major concern for people above the age of 65 in Oklahoma. Around 10% of Oklahoma seniors face hunger. Our Serving Seniors  program delivers groceries directly to those in need.

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