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Our Programs

We are the central hub in the fight against hunger in eastern Oklahoma. Our primary function is collecting and distributing food and goods and managing all of the logistics and partner relationships that go with it. But we also offer specific programming directly to those in need. 


Food for kids program

One in four Oklahoma children is at risk of going to bed hungry tonight. Based on this identified need, the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma's Food for Kids program specifically addresses childhood hunger and ensures food-insecure children in our communities have a reliable resource for nutritious meals throughout the year.


Oklahoma farm to table

The Food Bank’s Oklahoma Farm to Table program provides families with fresh and nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables while supporting local farmers. Oklahoma Farm to Table purchases fresh produce from local growers to provide for our neighbors struggling with food insecurity.  This program benefits and strengthens our local food system while also offering a nutritious selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables to those we serve.

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Seniors Servings Program

One in 10 Oklahoma seniors are food insecure. The Seniors Food Program identifies and assists senior citizens who are at the highest risk of hunger. This program provides nutritious food to seniors who are 60 years and older and at-risk of hunger. 

For more information:
Taryn Watson, Senior Programs Manager


Veterans Food Program

The Food Bank began an effort of outreach to the military veteran community, under-reported in hunger awareness surveys. For a multitude of reasons, hunger affects veterans disproportionately than the general population. With 110,000 military veterans living in the Food Bank’s service area alone, many veterans and their families face food insecurity.

For more information:
James Lyall, Veteran Outreach Coordinator

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Culinary Center

The Culinary Center prepares nutritious meals from perishable food that would otherwise be discarded. These meals are served hot on the Mobile Eatery food trucks, and are also preserved by freezing and then distributed by our Partner Agencies.

On average, the Culinary Center prepares more than 18,000 pounds of food each month.

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