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Service Insights

What is Service Insights?

  • A network-wide approach to electronically collect consistent administrative dataf rom the people we serve at partner agencies and food banks across the country.

  • Collecting this data electronically in real-time enables us to have a more complete, accurate, and up-to-date understanding of who we are serving.

  • Service Insights will be the most extensive dataset about people seeking charitable food assistance, providing local, state, regional, and national insights.

  • Over time, these insights will help us understand how to better serve and meet the needs of our neighbors.


Service Insights on Meal Connect

Service Insights on Meal Connect (or, Service Insights) is a no-cost guest intake platform and database designed by Feeding America and its network for Food Banks and their agencies.

Core Features:

  • Track food assistance and other services provided to guests

  • Compliant with USDA regulations (updated automatically by FA)

  • Access to dashboards to visualize aggregate data collected by your agency

  • Manage your agency’s users and events

  • Use live during distributions or enter data after service events

  • Regular feature enhancements developed by Feeding America

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