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Host a fUND drive

Serve your hungry neighbors by hosting a Fund Drive. Whether you're a corporation, organization, or community group, you can easily create a Drive, set a goal, track your progress, and invite your network to join your efforts.

Questions? Contact Micheal Dixon at

Thank You for hosting a Fund Drive with the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma!

The Food Bank welcomes fundraising involvement from anyone who wants to help! We can provide you with the support to ensure that you have a successful fundraiser. Proceeds from your fundraiser will make a difference in the lives of children, families, seniors, and veterans in need across eastern Oklahoma! It's easy to do. Simply set your fundraising goal and off you go!

Getting Started

Fund Drives vs. Food Drives. Fund Drives can be more impactful than a typical Food Drive. The Food Bank can make the most of your donation because of our relationships with local farmers, retailers, and government programs. Let's say a jar of peanut butter cost $5.46. You could spend that money on a single jar or you could donate that $5.46 and the Food Bank can source four jars of peanut butter because of our nonprofit status and relationships within the community. Fund Drives also allow the Food Bank to provide perishable items, such as milk, eggs, and produce, to families. 

Starting Your Fundraiser. The first step to starting your fund drive starts with registering your fundraiser here. With the information you provide, we will create a personalized webpage that you can share with the community. 

Now, think about the goal you want to hit. Is it 500 pounds of food? $500? Both? Get your goal in mind and share it on your drive’s page.

How long is your drive? Is it two days? Two weeks? A month? Think about how long you want to host your drive and share it on your page.

Spread the Word. Once you have set your goal and have a personalized webpage, it's now time to spread the word. Spread the word through social media, email, or through printed flyers at your place of business or in the community. 

Celebrate your success! Your personalized food drive web page will allow you to keep track of your fundraiser's progress throughout the campaign and you can celebrate your success with your organization and family and friends.

Register Your Fund Drive

Fund Drive
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