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Solutions to prevent hunger exist, but they require political will. Elected officials determine standards for nutrition programs including who is eligible and how much can be spent to support families. With your help, we can work together to help end hunger in Oklahoma.


Diana Capra

Advocacy Communications Director
Office: 916-337-2745

Policy Priorities and Legislation

Each year, the Oklahoma Food Banks evaluate the impact of hunger in our state and craft policy priorities and positions that address the root causes of hunger and poverty in Oklahoma and advance food security. Our policy priorities set a vision for local, state and federal leaders on what is needed to end chronic hunger and put more Oklahomans on the path to self-sufficiency. 

Hunger Action Month

Hunger Action Month is the Feeding America network's nationwide campaign that serves as your opportunity to be a part of a month-long effort that draws momentum toward ending hunger in Oklahoma. Sharing, volunteering, fundraising and donating are just a few ways to help end hunger.

Advocacy Fellowship for College Students

The Advocacy and Public Policy Department of the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma (the Oklahoma Food Banks) hosts a semester-long, paid fellowship program designed for undergraduate, recent graduate (within a year of completion) and graduate students from Oklahoma colleges and universities within the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitans. 

Anti-Hunger Day at the Capitol

Anti-Hunger Day at the Capitol is a day for food security advocates to connect with state lawmakers and discuss hunger in Oklahoma. In years past, all hunger fighters gathered at the Oklahoma State Capitol to meet with lawmakers and share ideas on sustainable policy solutions that help more Oklahomans be food secure. 

16.1% Food
Insecurity Rate
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Oklahoma is one of only five states with a food insecurity rate above 14.5%. Feeding American projects will climb to 22.5% in the coming years.

1 in 4 Children Go
To Bed Hungry
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As one grandmother explained, “I can draw a bath. I can read a bedtime story. But I can’t create food out of thin air.”

583,570 Are Food Insecure
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1 in 6 of our statewide population is considered food insecure, leaving 594,000 Oklahomans unsure where they will get their next meal. 

Underserved Communities 
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Every community in the Oklahoma faces hunger. But rural communities and communities of color are especially hard hit by hunger.

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